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News-O-Matic Exclusive: A Bully-Free Year

Bullying has become a big problem in schools today. Because of this, the News-O-Matic team has decided to share today’s article on bullying.

A Bully-Free Year (published in News-O-Matic on Tuesday, September 3, 2013)

Start the year right by learning how to deal with bullying in school.


Bullying is a huge problem. Three out of four students admit to being bullied! News-O-Matic wants all students to live in bully-free zones. Here are our tips to help you create one.

Tell someone.
If you are being bullied, tell someone — a parent, a teacher, or even an older sibling or cousin. “One of the worst things you can do is … keep it to yourself,” warns Phyllis Ohr, a child psychologist. Your school should know about a bully so it can address the problem.

Never be alone with a bully.
When do you find yourself one-on-one with the bully? Avoid those times! Bring a friend along, or find other routes to your destination.

Don’t react.
“Learn how to ignore the bully,” Ohr says. Bullies want attention; don’t give it to them.

Practice makes perfect.
Try practicing ahead of time. Have a friend or parent pretend to be a bully while you practice ignoring him or her. Brainstorm ways to avoid being alone with the bully. You can even practice the words for telling a teacher.

Help your school create a bully-free world.
Do your part by being kind. Better yet, encourage your school to reward kindness — not just punish bullying. “Fill up buckets with acts of kindness,” Ohr suggests. When the bucket is full, the class earns a prize.

By Abigail Mieko Vargus



sibling – brother or sister

destination – place you are heading to

ignore – pay no attention to

Brainstorm – make a list of all ideas

FACT: Bullying isn’t just hitting. A bully can also use mean words, text messages, or even online pictures. Don’t wait until someone hits you before you tell.

ACT: Make a list of ways that your school can encourage kindness. Present the list to your teacher or principal, and ask if your school can do one of them.

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