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People in Paris show support to the newspaper

How to explain the tragedy in Paris to kids

I’d like to take a minute to explain why — and how — News-O-Matic made the choice today to cover the recent event in Paris, France. We did not cover the initial attack on the Charlie Hebdo in Wednesday’s edition. At the time, the news was focused on the killers and the ensuing manhunt. “It’s scary,” our child psychologist, Dr. Ohr, said. But what followed was too important to ignore — the outpouring of support for free speech.

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News-O-Matic Article of the Week: The 100th Tour de France

The kids have voted! Here’s one of their favorite News-O-Matic articles from last week!


The 100th Tour de France (published in News-O-Matic on Friday, July 5, 2013)
The world famous bike race continues across France.


The Tour de France is the most famous bicycle race in the world. Its name means “Tour of France,” and cyclists ride thousands of miles across the country to compete in the grueling contest.

The riders in this year’s Tour de France its 100th racestarted on June 29 on the French island of Corsica. They have already traveled many hundreds of miles and are now racing across the south part of the country. Throughout the next two weeks, each cyclist must climb mountains and pedal through the French countryside if he wants to have a chance at finishing first in Paris.

The winner from 2012, Bradley Wiggins from Great Britain, isn’t racing this year because he’s hurt. Through the sixth stage of the race (out of 21 stages), Daryl Impey is in the lead. Whoever is in first place gets to wear a special yellow jersey. Impey is the first cyclist from South Africa to ever wear the yellow jersey!

There are 14 days to go, and the course leader changes a lot. Who will win this year? Check back with News-O-Matic to find out!

By Jesse Jarnow


cyclists: bike riders
grueling: hard; tiring
jersey: shirt

Fact: The racers have to ride through two mountain ranges in France: the Alps and the Pyrenees.

Act: Have your own bike race in a park. But like the racers in France, wear a helmet and be careful!


Geography Fun Fact: The famous French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica.


As of the time of the publication of this blog, Christopher Froome from Great Britain is currently ahead in the race.