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Can we accept that only 37% of high school students read at proficiency level?

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The latest results from the 2015 Nation’s Report Card were just released. They show that only 37% of high school students read at proficiency level, and more than 25% read below basic level…

We cannot accept this. We all know that the best way to increase kids’ reading level is to start as early as elementary school. There is a huge need to develop the love of reading and engage kids with reading. They just need to be offered the right content in the right format.

This once again reinforces the importance and the urgency of our mission here at News-O-Matic. News-O-Matic plays a major role in mitigating this situation early on by providing the most engaging daily news experience for a young audience. Already 200,000 kids read News-O-Matic every month.

About 18,700 students took the reading test organized by the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

By Marc-Henri Magdelenat, Founder


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