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536: My Most Inspirational Edition Ever

I’ve had December 3 circled on my calendar for months. It’s the United Nations Day of Persons with Disabilities, though I wasn’t sure exactly how News-O-Matic would cover the day. Little did I know that News-O-Matic’s own global community would answer that question for me.

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10 Thanksgiving Teaching Tips

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to teach students about GRATITUDE. In fact, child development experts have found that classroom teaching of gratitude has some wonderful benefits: Children enjoy school more and teachers experience less “burn out.”

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A lot of revisions!

Writing a Winning Spooky Story (by Farrar Williams and Miles Orvetti)

A few weeks ago, my son Miles saw News-O-Matic’s spooky story contest and decided to write his own entry. This week, we found out that he won. It was especially rewarding to see Miles’s story illustrated and published in the News-O-Matic Halloween edition. However, it took some hard work to get the story ready to submit, so we thought we’d write together about the process.

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The Teacher’s Lunchbox: Reaching Out to Anxious Students

Hello, educators. I hope your first few weeks of school have been exciting. By now you are getting to know your students and most likely amazed by the many different personality types or “flavors” represented in your class. Exposure to a diverse or “flavorful” class can help children develop compassion and tolerance, especially when their teacher models acceptance and support.

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