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Is It Really 2015?

Yes, the New Year is finally here. If you’re like me, you’ve had 2015 circled on your calendar since Marty McFly set his Delorean for this year. Once you get past the sad reality that hoverboards aren’t real (yet), you can begin to recognize that we truly are living in the future.

In classrooms across America, the fact that we’re living in the future is evident in the hands of the students. It wasn’t that long ago that kids used dusty old textbooks with frequently outdated information. Now many classrooms use tablet technology to bring the world to the fingertips of young readers — current to the minute.

Case in point: Jack Frost Elementary students posting their excitement via Twitter from Georgetown, Texas.

Elementary students using News-O-Matic in the class

But this 21st-century technology is more than just about up-to-the-minute news. It’s about giving kids a voice — and letting them share it in a safe environment. That’s one of our missions here at News-O-Matic. After all, the best way to empower students is to give them the tools to express themselves and reach out to their peers around the world.

This holiday season, News-O-Matic launched its first annual “Journey to the Future” writing contest. The theme was to get kids to contemplate not simply life in 2015 but a millennia later in 3015! We got hundreds of responses from every corner of the globe. Our staff voted for our favorites, then we published (and illustrated) the winners. Here’s our cover from Edition 559, complete with 11-year-old Max Hollister’s story about life on Europa in 1,000 years. Spoiler: They’ve invented mac and cheese sandwiches.News-O-Matic "Day on Europa" cover for Edition 559

Our 1st runner up came from 10-year-old Kiernan Van Engen. The 3015 New Year’s Ball is a TIME MACHINE that flies at the speed of light. I can’t wait.


This apocalyptical prediction of 3015 is fascinating. Vedanitya’s terrifying future pits programming robots against a powerless human race.


An emergency invisibility button: the standard flying car feature in the year 3014

03_10andunderI know, Seeger, I hate when aliens use black holes as practical jokes too.


Happy New Year (both 2015 and 3015)!

– Russell Kahn

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