9 Best Kids’ Comments From Last Week


Every day, I receive hundreds of notes and comments from News-O-Matic readers across the globe. Some are hilarious, others are poignant, and I read every one. Here are my 9 favorites from the last week.

Dear Russ, I am excited that you are writing about St. Lucia’s Day. I have Scandinavian blood and celebrate this holiday too. The candles you wear on the laurel weaves glow so bright on the darkest night of the year. Not to mention it is fun to sing of St. Lucia while waking my family up with coffee and traditional St. Lucia saffron buns. It is amazing that someone in America is writing a proper article about it. From your Scandinavian friend.Eleanor, 9

My take: I had never heard of St. Lucia’s Day before I started working at News-O-Matic. Now I’m personally learning about so many different cultures around the world. It’s wonderful that I’ve excited this Scandinavian reader with our short story about it. And she got to teach me even more about it!

St Lucy's Day



When our class read about how stephen hawking and how they made a new tecnology to help him talk with only moving his mussels in his cheeks that is awsome that they did that.Hannah, 9

My take: Pretty neat that we get to use NOM to teach kids about Stephen Hawking through a story about technology. And I fully agree with Hannah: It’s awesome that scientists helped him communicate — and continue to teach mankind through his wisdom.

Do you know why I like news-o-matic so much? Beacause I dont go anywere around the world much. so I just hop on to news-o-matic and see whats going on.Kylie, 8

My take: Kylie, 8, doesn’t go around the world much. But he can travel the globe through our app. His words mean more to me than he’ll ever know.

Hi russ did you know that next year will be the day the marty mcfly from back to the futer whent to he whent to 2015 !!Ben, age 11

My Take: I had NO IDEA that kids knew Back to the Future! I’ve had October 21, 2015, circled on my calendar since I was a kid and saw the original film. I’ve wondered whether we should write a story about this next October. Now I know!

Hey russ can you post more articles about animals and possibly the future? If you cant that is ok. Thanks!Mabu 9

My take: Sorry, Mabu. It’s really hard to write about the future. It’s tough to fact check. And I’m still looking for my copy of Grays Sports Alamanc…

Hey Russ I loved the story about lilly and how it said to respect people with disabilities. I for one agree with her and what she said about them being the same as people without disabilities is true. I know this because mio abuela and abuelo are both disabled and there not that different from other people’s grandparents that I know and there pretty awesome if I say so myself and I do soooo yeah.Brianna, age 11

My take: Brianna gets it. And I bet her grandparents are amazing people.

Hi Russ!! I’m inspired about the article about Lilly, I think we should do anything to spread kindness and friendship to all those kind of people.Ellie, age 8

My take: There aren’t many better ways for a reader to start a letter to the editor that starts, “I’m inspired about the article…” On a personal note, Lilly’s story about the U.N. Day of Persons with Disabilities inspired me as well.

Dear Russ, I have a disability too, so i feel how lily feels but a piece of advice, dont listen if people tell you that you cant do something because of your disability. Im in a wheelchair and im the top of my class.Emerah, age 10

My take: Our readers are sages. “Don’t listen if people tell you that you can’t do something.” Whatever your situation, I think it’s brilliant advice. Thanks, Emerah.