10 Most Inspirational Kids’ Quotes of the Week

Every day, I receive hundreds of notes and comments from News-O-Matic readers across the globe. Some are hilarious, others are poignant, and I read every one. Here are my 10 favorites from the last week.

I am so glad those kids got a new school! I can not imagane not having a school.Harley, age 9, responding to “I Love My New School” in Edition 528

The article was about a charity that built a school in rural Malawi. The idea was for kids to understand that not every child gets the chance to learn — and that they should appreciate their own school. Looks like Harley got it.

“We shouldn’t build the Triangle Tower. I visited Paris and it is the most beautiful, historical, and magical place in the world. This tower would make it nearly impossible to marvel in the beauty of this city. For those who say yes to building, who says modern and bigger is better? The skyline is beautiful and that tower would ruin the wonderful scenery. A city with history is a city that is proud.Eleanor, age 9, responding to “Build the Triangle Tower?” in Edition 531

I love this response. You can feel the passion in Eleanor’s voice. I also appreciate any 9 year old who talks about the ability to “marvel in the beauty” of a city. Makes me want to go back to Paris ASAP.

I dont think that the music awards should let the fans vote, because one direction is popular and would probably still win even if they made 20 mistakes.Nathan G, age 10, responding to “Artists of the Year” in Edition 530

Nathan raises a valid point about the American Music Awards. He sounds a little bitter about One Direction winning three awards, though. I love the logic of “20 mistakes.”

I was looking at that article about Koreas dish, kimchee. My mom and my brother eat it all the time. I am 50% Korean. I liked hearing more about some of my familys favorite dish. Have you ever tried it? I decribe it as spicy cabage.Liz, age 10, responding to “Sharing Korea’s Dish, Edition 526.

Food is one of the most accessible ways to better understand a culture. Our story about kimchi taught me a lot about South Korea. It looks like Liz enjoyed it too!

Hi Russ! I love this app! I literaly go on it every day! (I am not making this up i actually do go on it every day! more like three times a day!) You are doing awesome, i enjoy these articles so so so so soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much!Chloe, age 10, responding to, well, News-O-Matic

This note was also filled with a dozen smiley face emojis. Always appreciate the support!

If we build the pipeline, it will be bad for the earth. The earth is our mother we must take care of her. This is the only planet we have, we must not ruin it.Ethan, age 8, responding to “Build the Pipeline?”, Edition 525

The world needs more Ethans. It’s a simple message that kids seem to understand better than adults: “This is the only planet we have.”

Obama should not be able to change the law. He doesn’t have the authority to do that. P.S. I support Republican Party… At least their presidents didn’t try to change the law in my face.Awesome Guy 101, age 11, responding “Obama Talks Immigration,” Edition 528

It’s interesting to see kids responding so strongly to our immigration story. We definitely see young readers who disagree with the president’s actions — just like grown-ups. Great username too.

DEAR RUSS, I LOVE FROZEN because the music is great and every part is amazing. My favorite character is Anna because I love heros and I think Anna is the hero of the movie because she is the one who went and saved her older sister Elsa. p.s. Me and my sister have an Anna Barbie doll and a Anna baby doll and we have the Frozen soundtrack (our favorite) and we have Frozen posters and also the movie!Abigail, age 10, responding “The Frozen Effect,” Edition 527

Shocker: Kids love Frozen. Abigail was responding to our story about the incredible economic effect of the blockbuster. She proved it by listing some of the merchandise she proudly owns.

I live in St. Louis, Missouri and all of this Ferguson stuff is kind of freaking me out. One of my classmates lives near Ferguson so she was not able to come to school. I think it is terrible that people feel the need to destroy others property. How is that going to help the community? I hope it all stops soon!Cece, age 10, responding to “Why People Are Protesting,” Edition 531

An honest response to the events in Ferguson, Missouri. Sad to hear a 10-year-old say she freaking out. But it’s powerful to hear the voice of the child from the area.

Hi Russ this is Megan I am 12 years old. i feel as though some people under estimate our generation and I think that no matter how old you are you can make a diffrence in the world.Megan, age 12

I’ve learned from the News-O-Matic readers never, ever to underestimate the power of kids. Megan’s going to do great things.

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